If you haven’t made it to Connecticut yet, now is the time to go. Over the past few years, towns such as Middletown and New Haven have become some of the most popular towns for craft beer bars in the region.

Take Eli Cannon’s for example, this spot has been around for over 20 years and takes pride in their beer selection. Just by going here you can have all the great local stuff from Connecticut such as Stubborn Beauty Happy Little Trees, Black Hog Piglet or Kent Falls Air Guitar at Work While Nobody’s Watching. They also carry some special stuff such as Lawson’s Finest Super Session #2 which you can only normally find in the heart of Vermont.

Next, you should make your way to Branford, where you’ll find Stony Creek and Thimble Island Brewing Co. Here at the Wharf Pub we also take pride in our beer selection, here is what we currently pour, and soon to be pouring at the Pub for Connecticut and fun happenings at the Breweries:

Stony Creek Brewing (Branford, CT)

Stony Creek has some new beers coming out this winter as well as a Brunch on Saturday, January 14th where they will be releasing Imperial Stony Joe that is aged on Cocoa Nibs. Come February, Stony Creek will also be releasing a new bottle offering called Sour Silhouette that is aged on soaked oak spirals. Currently, we offer Stony Creek’s Sun Juice at the Wharf Pub and coming soon on draft will be one of their winter seasonal beers, Snowhole.

On tap and only at the brewery:

  • Stony Joe (also on Nitro) Golden Mocha Stout made with golden English barley.
  • Stony Ripe & Cranky made with peaches.
  • Jay’s Vanilla Porter – Traditional Porter made with Madagascar Vanilla Beans with a clean vanilla flavor.
  • La Garza Mexican Lager – Mexican style lager made with corn and wheat.

Thimble Island Brewing Co (Branford)

Just a few minutes from Stony Creek, they have been brewing for about a year now. At the Wharf Pub, we previously have carried they’re IPA and they’re Ghost Island double IPA. Coming back this week on draft we will have their IPA. Thimble Island does several events at the Brewery throughout the year. 

On tap and only at the Brewery:

  • Thimble Island Maiden- Aged on red wine, oak, and fruity esters abound in this classic French Saison. Aged for months in cabernet sauvignon barrels, the Maiden has matured into a hearty and rustic delight.
  • Thimble Island Mutiny- American strong ale, with hints of caramel maltiness and aged in cabernet sauvignon barrels.

Black Hog Brewing Co (Oxford, CT)

Black Hog has proudly become one of our staple lines at the Wharf Pub. Located in the woods of Oxford, Black Hog has been rollin’ out beers for about two years now. Specializing in Barrel aged beers, Black Hog also has they’re always staples such as Granola Brown, Easy Rye ‘Da, and Ginja Ninja. Currently, we are pouring Black Hog’s Granola Brown Ale. You can also find food trucks every weekend at the Brewery.

On tap and bottled only at the Brewery:

  • Disco Pig #1 Brown Brett Braggot was the first beer brewed by Tyler at Black Hog. Made with Belgian Saison and Brettanomyces yeast and aged for a year on honey.
  • Bier de Hog aged in Cabernet Franc Barrels and is aged for three years. This beer will soon be available on draft at the pub.
  • Disco Pig #7 Pineapple Express fermented with Pineapple Juice.
  • THC Equinox The Hop Collective IPA series that is dry hopped with Equinox Hops.
  • Delicata Squash Saison- a dark Saison if you will with spices.
  • Rosemary Dunkleweizen – A traditional German dark wheat ale with fresh rosemary.
  • Bush Pig Project (experimental and cask conditioned beers) Greenwave Gose fermented with local Sugar Kelp, Coriander and Sea Salt.
  • Leaves a Mark- they’re newest Imperial Stout coming in at 11.5%

Drink Local, Drink Craft Beer!

This column is written and sponsored by The Wharf Pub

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Sarah Fimple (The Wharf Pub)

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