Shopping for stocking stuffers? Two local stores you don’t want to miss during the Newport Holiday Stroll are Soap & Water and Scrimshanders on Bowen’s Wharf. In Soap & Water, you’ll find a stand-out inventory of luxurious bath & body products for men and women, as well as exceptional items for the home. In Scrimshanders, you’ll find unique, hand-carved items like accessories, corkscrews, knives and pens.

Here are a few of our favorite items from both stores for men and women.  You can shop these and more during the Newport Holiday Stroll, Dec 3-4th and 10-11th. Remember to #ShopSmall #ShopLocal.

Soap&Water | Molton Brown 12-Days of Christmas Gift Collection
Soap&Water | UGG Australia slippers
Soap&Water | NEST Candle/Incense set

Front: Story Bracelet. In a Sterling Silver Setting lays 6 Scenes of Nantucket Whaling. Contemporary  Scrimshaw on Antique Ivory.

Post Earrings Scrimshawed on Woolly Mammoth Ivory with 14k Gold.

Rings Sterling Silver with a variety of Ivory and designs to choose.

Bottle Stopper. Scrimshaw design of the Iconic Nantucket Basket on Woolly Mammoth Ivory.

Middle back: Iconic Nantucket Basket. This lovely Purse is Hand Woven by Martain Brown. The materials are Ratan, Oak, and Ebony wood. The Whale on top is Hand Carved from Pre-Embargo Whale Bone by Tom Watson. (Items sold separately)

For Men:

Upper right: Wine Bottle Stopper. This Design is of The Rhode Island Flag “Hope Anchor “. Scrimshawed on Pre-embargo Sperm Whale Ivory.

Upper left: Cork Screw. This Design is of a Sperm Whale Scrimshawe on Pre- Historic Woolly Mammoth Ivory.  It is inlayed to Ebony wood. The Cork Screws Metal is Stainless Steel.

Middle: Myerchin Rigging Knife. “Tested at Sea”. Crafted from Stainless Steel and Ox Bone Scale on either side. The Scrimshaw design is of Castle  Hill Lighthouse, a passing sooner and sailboat, and two small details of a Rope and Compass Star.

Lower Middle: Cufflinks. Mariner’s Compass Design with a boat placed in the middle. The Scrimshaw is done on Pre-Embargo  Sperm Whale Ivory and set in Goldfill.

Lower right: Money Clip.This Clip is crafted from solid Brass with an inlay of Woolly Mammoth Ivory. This Pirate Themed design depicts  the “Jolly Rodger” flag or logo.

All original Scrimshaw Designs by Brian Kiracofe. Newport Scrimshanders.