A major television Network will be filming on Broadway in Newport on Saturday, December 10th.

The Hungry Monkey has announced that a “major network” will be visiting  their restaurant on Saturday and that they are looking for five people to accept their King Kong challenge for the filming.

With the Hungry Monkey’s King Kong 15 Egg Omelet Challenge, yYou have one hour to finish the five-pound meal that consists of an 15 egg omelet filled with chorizo, other meats, veggies, 4 difference cheeses, home fries/hash browns and toast. Those that finish receive the meal for free ($28 value), free shirt, free mug and get placed on the “Wall Of Fame”.hungry-monkey-pic-240x178

For more information, updates and to sign up, visit The Hungry Monkey on Facebook.

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The Hungry Monkey is located at 124



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