When you ask “What should I bring?” after you’ve RSVP’d yes to that holiday party invitation, the right answer always seems to be wine. Our local wine shops have some great options from all over the globe to choose from, but how about giving some local-made vino a try? We asked the folks at Newport Vineyards for their favorite whites and reds for all types of holiday gatherings – Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve, work parties, and more. Here are their top 5 picks.

Newport Vineyards Brut Sparkling Wine

Made in the traditional Champagne method, Newport Vineyards’ sparkling wine is an elegant blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. It is a fun away to celebrate the holidays and can pair nicely with appetizers to start, or dessert to finish.  It is also a must have for New Year’s Celebrations.


Late fall and winter are the perfect time for more full bodied and aromatic white wines. Gewurztraminer is a very versatile and interesting varietal that pairs well with the various flavors of different holiday meals.  It has mild sweetness and spiciness that matches a variety of festive favors.

Landot Noir

Landot Noir is a hybrid grape that only grows in a few parts of the world, and happens to thrive here on Aquidneck Island.  It has a beautiful garnet color and is replete with big fruit flavors while being soft enough to compliment food.

Newport Merlot

Holidays are a great time for big, warm and comforting red wines. Our Merlot undergoes extended oak aging to produce a round and complex wine that is perfect for winter holidays. 


Made in the authentic Portuguese style, our port wine is a satisfying way to end a special holiday meal.  It is slightly sweet and higher in alcohol, and is traditionally used as a dessert wine or digestive. 

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