A Middletown woman claimed a $10,000 Daily Numbers win from the November 24th evening draw, according to the Rhode Island lottery. She wagered $1.00 on two four-digit straight bets and matched all four digits in the exact order they were drawn to win $5,000 on each.  She does not have any immediate plans for the money won. Woodhooker’s Sports Tavern, 238 East Main Rd., Middletown, sold the winning tickets.

The Daily Numbers drawings take place Monday through Saturday at 1:30 pm and 6:59 pm and at 1:30 pm and 6:29 pm on Sunday.

A Coventry woman claimed the $22,000 jackpot from Saturday’s Wild Money draw. She said she screamed when she checked the winning numbers on Sunday.  The winning numbers, 7, 12, 15, 23, 28 and 27, represent her children’s birthdates.  She plans to pay bills with the money won.  Cumberland Farms, 785 Tiogue Ave., Coventry, sold the winning ticket.  Tuesday’s estimated Wild Money jackpot is $20,000.

The Wild Money drawings take place three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights, live on WPRI-TV at 7:29pm.