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The Newport Democratic City Committee has released the following Letter To The Editor endorsing democratic in national and local races.

The views and opinions expressed within are not necessarily those of What’sUpNewp, our writers or our advertisers.

Every election, for as long as I can remember, candidates say that this is the most important election ever. I recall saying this several times myself. But, it really is very true for 2016. A veritable historic presidential contest between Democrats and Republicans led by a most able and experienced Hillary Clinton versus the charlatan and misogynistic Donald Trump. Sec. Clinton is smart, visionary, and optimistic. Mr. Trump is crude, divisive, and negativistic.

Mr Trump reminds me of a character in the L’il Abner comic strip named General Bullmoose, who famously (and vacuously) said, “What’s good for General Bullmoose is good for the country.” But, he is even worse than this because he is such an empty suit who appeals to base instincts and generates fear in so many people.

Sec. Clinton is not without some shortcomings, but there is no comparison to the bullying , tax-evading, flip-flopping, and revenge-seeking Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump makes promises but has no real plans. He acts like the Wizard of Oz, keeping whatever he is thinking to himself.

On the other hand, Sec. Clinton has laid out plans for what she will do and how this will help our country. Moreover, she is not so self-centered as to imagine that she can do it alone. Her slogan “Stronger Together” reflects her understanding that she needs our help and support.

The Democrat Party is genuinely the “The Party of the People” as seen in the many programs that it has advanced and championed over the years: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, GI Bill of Rights, Head Start, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities Act, Freedom of Information Act, and Pell Grants.

The Newport Democratic City Committee urges voters to support the entire Democratic Team that includes Hillary Clinton for President, Timothy Kaine for Vice President and David Cicilline for U.S. Congress.

In the General Assembly, voters are asked to support Teresa Paiva Weed (Sen. Dist. 13); Louis Di Palma; Marvin Abney (House Dist. 73); and Lauren Carson (House Dist. 75).

These are people who are sincerely concerned with our needs and will work extremely hard to resolve problems. They realize the importance of economic security, educational opportunity, a healthy environment, safe neighborhoods, and the protection of our rights.

So, please vote for the Democratic Team and you can be sure that you will be well-served.

Most sincerely,

J. Clement Cicilline, Chair of Newport Democratic City Committee

Ryan M. Belmore

Ryan M. Belmore is the Owner & Publisher of What's Up Newp. Ryan is a member of Local Independent Online News (LION) Publishers. Send questions, tips, and story ideas to Ryan@whatsupnewp.com.