On Thursday evening, we watched three meter maids casually have a conversation and “hang out” on Thames Street in front of the Post Office.

At first, we thought they may be just saying hello and catching up as they cross paths to continue on their parking enforcement journey. After 25 minutes we took the following photo and posted it on Nextdoor and asked the question “For close to 25 minutes these three have been taking a break in front of post office, ok or bad look”;

In the following video you’ll see at least two Newport Police offers pass in cars, none stopped and the 3 meter maids sat there for another five minutes.

When the meter ran out of time, two walked away together and one gave the ticket. All three were watching one meter in Newport for more than 20 minutes.

Certainly many of us can agree that with all of the parking and traffic issues that we see as a city, that we can do, be and look better than this.

We hope to use this situation to start a community conversation, what ideas do you have to make parking and enforcement more efficient in Newport and better for everyone? Comment below.

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Ryan M. Belmore

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