The Alliance For A Livable Newport has released their 2016 local election questions designed to help voters make informed choices for City Council and School Committee.

Andy Lavarre, Candidate for Newport City Council, angered many with his comment regarding the LGBT Community back in his campaign announcement back in June when he stated “LGBT sexual perversion, fornication, predation, violence, globalism, socialism, and all the other leftist elite “isms” are not the norm and are not acceptable in any civilized society. I shall not tolerate them”.

ALN asked all 9 Newport City Council candidates 12 questions, among them was “Do you believe Newport’s ordinances regarding panhandling are adequate? If so, do you think they are being adequately enforced? If not, what additional ordinances would you recommend?”.

Lavarre has caught the attention of many in the community for his response to the question where he says some people “They deserve to be bitch-slapped, which I promise to do and have done habitually”.

Andy Lavarre – Yes of course, they are adequate. The problem is not the lack of ordinances, the problem is the lack of ENFORCEMENT. And that is the problem with this city, state, Nation, and world. And that is why I am running for office, to give a voice to this perception of reality: We have tons of laws. We don’t need no more stinking laws. We need to enforce the laws that are already in place. Going around being nice and politically correct doesn’t work. These people are eating your lunch. If someone is purposely trying to hurt you they are not your friend and you do not need to be nice. Call them out and say NO! Once again, rule sets, processes, and procedures established over thousands of years by many people trying to make life as good as it can be in general for everyone are now being violated and ignored throughout this society. Violating the principle of Fundamental Fairness: We all win or we all lose. We can change those rules, but only at the same cost in blood, sweat, and tears that it took to put them in place in the first place. So in the meantime, just follow the rules. There are two basic approaches to life: deontological and teleological. Google it. The deontological people are people like me, who follow the rules, including the rules to change the rules, so that everyone wins under the doctrine of Fundamental Fairness, starting with the Ten Commandments, then through the Magna Carta, to the Constitution and its first ten amendments (the Bill of Rights). Follow those rules and everybody wins. The teleological people are those who will do anything they think they can get away with, devil catch the hindmost, end justifies the means. They deserve to be bitch-slapped, which I promise to do and have done habitually. What part of NO don’t you understand??? Jay walkers, red light runners, noise violators, on and on an on. We don’t need more rules, we just need more people following and enforcing the rules. The police cannot be everywhere. We the People need to speak up and speak out and call out misbehavior when it occurs. NO MORE ORDINANCES. MORE ENFORCEMENT.

Link to City Council Questionnaire with answers – 2016 Newport City Council Candidates Survey Responses

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