Ralph Lauren, the official outfitter of the 2016 USA Olympic Team, identified a select group of manufacturers from across the United States to produce Team USA’s opening and closing ceremony uniforms—from yarn to dye to finished product.

Each Olympic athlete competing in the Rio 2016 Games reportedly received a sailcloth duffel and tote bag from RE-SAILS, the Newport-based company that manufactures sail bags and accessories out of re purposed sails.Screenshot 2016-08-05 at 10.22.22 PM


Founded in 1996 by Christian Schlebach, Re-Sails was the first in the market to manufacture sail bags and accessories out of re purposed sails.

Many years in the yachting industry showed a significant amount of old sail being disposed of in the dumpster. Realizing the potential of Dacron in different applications Christian took some of those sails and started designing jackets and bags out of his garage.

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Two years of sewing at home and doing the boat shows, it was decided that a store in Newport, RI was the next step, their store in Newport is located at 33 America’s Cup.

You too can own the bags that the Olympic Athletes will be sporting, the duffel bag is available for $498 and tote bag is available for $398.



Also of note, the red, white and blue boat shoes that Team USA wore in the opening ceremony were made by Rancourt & Company in Lewiston, Maine and the shirts that will be worn at the closing ceremony were made in Fall River, Massachusetts by New England Shirt Company.

See all that was ‘Made In The USA’ for the 2016 USA Olympic athletes here – http://www.ralphlauren.com/teamusa/made-in-usa?ab=en_US_OLYMPIC_Feature_slot_1_Explore

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