All photographs taken by Vanessa Walsh of Vanessa Walsh Photography.
All photographs taken by Vanessa Walsh of Vanessa Walsh Photography.

Emily Perkins is a fourth generation local islander from a family full of entrepreneurs. Her expertise is in holistic esthetics, coaching and energy work. Her passion also lies in the sphere of empowering women and encouraging others, in general, to be their best selves. Not only does Emily have really nice skin, but she started a women’s entrepreneurial networking group, Who Run The World?! “to support and connect all the powerhouse ladies on the island”. So, she has a pre-made group full of Bosses for me so rifle through, aren’t I lucky?

Emily attended Wheaton College where she majored in Women’s Studies. While her and I did not discuss this exactly, I am sure she is (or was) often asked what she was going to ‘do’ with her major. As a Philosophy major myself, I understand the question well. I can easily tell you what Emily Perkins has done with her major, she has created a safe place. She is an empath, and a healer – for those who can resonate, you know well that these are two gifts you cannot escape. There is something bone chilling about Emily’s dedication to the betterment of others and I urge everyone to at least read what she’s all about, if not visit her for some energy healing. Bumping into her while in line at your local coffee shop may just be enough to get some of her vibrations, but witnessing her in real time lacks no shortage of warmth.

“I always wanted to find a way to integrate that [her major]  into what I was doing. My aesthetics practice was primarily women anyway so it worked out. It is a very different approach to aesthetics than the typical, it is more of a healing practice than it is a superficial skincare practice.”

Q: Where is your practice located?
A: “I am on West Main Road, tucked back off the road. There are about six women practitioners that have their own businesses, it’s a little healing center. We all practice individually but have unified under the name The Healing Tree Collaborative. It’s a little secret gem. There are five massage therapists and one acupuncturist and they are all super talented. We all collaborate, no competition, we all just love each other and build our businesses to support the community. That is what lead me to create the [Facebook] group, I wanted to create a space for all of the amazing women that we have on this island.”

“It is pretty mind-blowing how many female entrepreneurs we have …”

“It’s INSANE!”

At this point, Emily and I both acknowledged that we had full body goosebumps. Fellow nerds, unite!

Q: I feel like these women keep multiplying, like osmosis. I am sure you can agree, we all have our ecosystems, but there are so many amazing people (women) that lie outside of our ecosystem and what I love about your group is that you’re bringing all of these women together. You have created a network, women fueling women, kind of like you are helping to light the pilot for all of them. It keeps snowballing, wouldn’t you agree?
A: “Yeah, it’s so beautiful. To me, it is like that creation of that goddess energy that you start, that becomes the huge glowing fire. Once you realize the impact that you have, you realize there are so many other women that have this gorgeous power. It’s really special. The women that are showing up are beautiful. There is a core group that is really involved.”

Q: How many would you say?
A: “Probably about ten that constantly come to meetings, participate in postings, and I am hoping to grow more.”

Q: So, how did you find this core group to begin with?
A: “I honestly just created the Facebook group and invited a bunch of women that I knew that owned their own businesses. Originally I had it planned to be like a BNI group, where it is structured so that you only have one person per field and then it really shifted as my intention for it shifted, or as my true intention for it shifted. I realized that I just really wanted to connect women, no matter what, not just one person per field but whoever wants connection can come and find this support. As soon as that opened up, it was like within a day there was twenty five new members.”

Q: Is the group regimented so that each member sponsors an event per week? Is it biweekly, monthly?
A:“It is an open forum, I want people to have the space to post what they’re doing so we can have the opportunity to support each other.”

Emily goes on to explain that she essentially gave women tips on how to communicate their business model. What and who they are servicing, give women marketing tips and tools for them to grow their practice and be clear on what they are offering.

Q: Do you find, as women, we have to have better clarity when expressing our ideas?
A:“Yeah, we can chat forever.”

We both laughed, since women are typically pigeon holed for being over-talkers, over-thinkers and all around embellishers.

Q: Is your goal to expand the group above and beyond the nucleus of Newport?

A: “My original goal was to keep it as a resource on the island, but with the intention to connect all women, that group could expand and grow.

Q: So, for the record, this is just something that you do in your free time (so, you’re saying that you’re a goddess among mortals)?
A: “Yeah, I am a Holistic Life Coach too, and it is something I am super, super passionate about. That is also one of the reasons why I started the group was to connect to people and ask how I could support them.”

How Emily fell into the business of being a Life Coach is a beautiful story, if you ever get the opportunity to ask her about it. Let’s just say, the Universe did its job. She tells me, “I am meant to do this”.

Q: As a Life Coach, what is your advice for someone who may be struggling?
A: “Everyone says it, but: grounding. The more you do, the easier it gets the more clear you get on what is triggering you, how it is happening and why. Get really conscious of what energy is yours and what is not.”

We discussed the evolution of the mind and how one can see their change in cognition once they harness the concept of getting ‘grounded’. I love this woman!

Q: Do often people doubt or question you when you tell them that you have a gift?
A: “Oh yeah, even family! There are moments of doubt.”

All photographs taken by Vanessa Walsh of Vanessa Walsh Photography.

While there is no formal certification required to call yourself a Life Coach, Emily is currently enrolled in a program that meets every third weekend of the month for a calendar year. Her process began in February and will end in January, and she is a part of one of the best coaching programs in the world. She tells me, “it’s the most intense inner work and outer work I’ve ever done in my life”. The program is available for those who are seeking a transformation even if they do not desire to obtain the title of a Life Coach. Let me know if you’d like to help plan her graduation party.

I cannot say enough kind words about Emily Perkins and I am confident that she is, and will continue to be, an inspiration for all females alike. Give her website a visit, see what she’s all about and don’t forget to let her inspire you.

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