Boutique men’s shop is the only retailer in the region to preview the luxury designer’s entire spring line

Marc Allen Fine Clothiers, located at 142 Bellevue Avenue, recently held a preview party to showcase Italian designer Loro Piana’s entire 2017 spring menswear line. The exclusive event featured the full 2017 collection filled with cashmere, leather, suede and silk garments; a preview not available at any other retailer in the region.


Patrick Adent, Senior Vice President of Loro Piana’s North American Sales and Robert Chiarella, National Sales Director, Loro Piana were on hand to walk guests through each piece of the exclusive collection. “We are so pleased to exclusively preview Loro Piana’s sping 2017 menswear line,” said Marc Streisand, Owner, Marc Allen Fine Clothiers. “We are the only retail location in Rhode Island to carry this brand and the only stop for this exclusive preview in the region.”

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Garments ranged in price from $1,500 to $8,500 and included an array of trousers, sweaters, shirts, jackets and coats. Coat liners featured blends of silk and cashmere with suede detailing. Leather jackets for 2017 feature lightweight, supple reindeer leather that reverse to suede.


For more information or questions on Loro Piana’s line, please visit: or call 401.619.5750.

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