11 police officers were shot last night during what was supposed to be a peaceful protest in Dallas, Texas on Thursday night. 5 of those officers have died and 6 others are currently being treated at nearby hospitals.

Sarah Bertness

Sarah Bertness, a native of Barrington, graduate of the Wheeler School and former staff member at the Columbus Theater, is now a resident of Dallas.

Bertness was among the crowd and the peaceful rally when the chaos started and shots began to fire in Dallas on Thursday night. Bertness recalled the emotions felt by the crowd, herself and the series of events in a very detailed piece for The Daily Beast just a few minutes ago.

An excerpt from her story on The Daily Beat – “5 Cops Killed By Sniper Fire In Dallas”;

Hundreds of people of all races were marching down Lamar St. between Commerce and Main, mere blocks from Dealey Plaza where President Kennedy was assassinated, when gunfire erupted around 9 a.m. [p.m.] Police and eyewitnesses say two snipers began firing from the top floor of a parking garage.

Read her full recount of the events and evening here – Dallas Blacks Furious to Be Blamed for Murder of 5 Cops

There is a peaceful ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest/rally scheduled to take place in Newport this weekend.

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