parking ban broadway
On Monday, July 25th, Cardi Corporation is scheduled to begin work on the decorative crosswalks. Due to the nature of the work, a new traffic pattern will be established making Broadway one-way northbound from Marlborough Street to Gould Street and Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Boulevard one-way southbound from Equality Park Place to Marlborough Street (see attached map). All parking along both corridors will remain open. Please note the angled parking on the west side of Broadway and the parallel parking on the east side of Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Boulevard will change direction to match the temporary direction of traffic.
What to expect starting Monday, July 25th:
1.       Prior to July 25th, Cardi will install temporary traffic signage and electronic message boards. Existing signage will be covered, as and when required.
2.       The new traffic pattern will begin on Monday, July 25, 2016 closing one lane of traffic on Broadway. Only northbound Broadway and southbound Marcus F. Wheatland Blvd traffic will be allowed throughout the duration of this phase.
3.       Construction crews will then remove one lane of crosswalk at each location while allowing traffic to travel northbound on Broadway in the other lane.
4.       Once the crosswalk area is prepared, a concrete foundation will be installed, granite crosswalk borders will be installed flush with the pavement, concrete pavers will be installed, and pavement will be placed to match each crosswalk into the existing pavement.
5.       Once all crosswalks have been completed for one side, the northbound traffic will be shifted to the other lane of Broadway.  Again, only northbound traffic will be allowed on Broadway and southbound traffic will be allowed on Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Boulevard. Cardi will begin the same process for the other half of the crosswalks.
6.       When the crosswalks have been fully completed, traffic will be restored to two-way traffic on both Broadway and Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Boulevard.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.       How is parking affected with the new temporary traffic pattern?
All parking areas will remain open on both Broadway and Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Boulevard. Please note, however, there may be localized areas affected by crosswalk construction. Motorist traveling northbound on Broadway will park angled in a northerly direction in the parking areas instead of in a southerly direction as presently done. Parking on the east side of Broadway will, of course, remain unchanged. Motorist traveling southbound on Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Boulevard will park in a southerly direction on the east side of the street. Of course, parking on the west side of Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Boulevard will remain unchanged.
2.       Why not do the opposite, making Broadway southbound and Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Boulevard northbound?
There are two major issues that prevent making Broadway one-way southbound. Since Spring Street exits onto Broadway northbound, closing this Spring Street connection will create a difficult and long detour for trucks and cars up Bull Street to Kay Street and back down side streets to Broadway.  Furthermore, traffic conflicts at Gould Street, Equality Park West, Broadway, and traffic from a northbound Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland will cause a very difficult traffic congestion point at the Gould Street and Broadway intersection.