You can now get rid of that hazardous waste lurking in your home as Portsmouth’s delegation in the House of Representatives remind residents of an Eco-Depot event taking place in June.

Oven cleaner, window cleaner, flea collars, pool chemicals, nail polish remover, oil based paint in rusty old cans are some of the items considered household hazardous waste that must be not be thrown away with your trash.

Representatives John G. Edwards (D-Dist. 70, Portsmouth, Tiverton), Dennis M. Canario (D-Dist. 71, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Little Compton) and Daniel P. Reilly (R-Dist. 72, Portsmouth Middletown) have joined to remind residents of the free service for those who wish to dispose of their household hazardous waste safely and properly.

The Eco-Depot, provided through the Rhode Island Resource and Recovery Corporation, will take place Saturday, June 18, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Portsmouth High School, 120 Education Way.

“The service is free and the drop-off site is extremely convenient for Portsmouth residents,” said Representative Edwards. “If you try to dispose of these chemicals improperly, it can result in a lot of pollution problems. I urge others to take advantage of the RIRRC’s generous service.”

Many common household items are actually household hazardous waste materials that cannot be collected through Rhode Island’s standard trash and recycling collection services.

“People should remember that some of these more common items include fluorescent light bulbs, gasoline, pesticides, oil-based paints, disinfectants, used motor oil and lawn and pool chemicals,” said Representative Canario.

Created in 2001, the Eco-Depot program is a free service offered by Resource Recovery that provides for the proper handling, packaging, storage, transportation and disposal of household hazardous waste.  Since its inception, Resource Recovery has collected approximately 10.6 million pounds of household hazardous waste and served more than 148,000 Rhode Islanders.  With numerous collection dates and events held at several municipal locations throughout the state, Rhode Island’s Eco-Depot program is unlike any other household hazardous waste collection in the country.

“This is a great way for Rhode Island residents to properly dispose of their unwanted materials and chemicals, free of charge,” said Representative Reilly.  “I thank the RIRRC for organizing this event to make things easier for the residents of Portsmouth, and I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity.”

For a full list of household hazardous waste materials, visit

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