Day three of the Declarations of Candidacy window saw a few more file declaration to be candidates for local office on Wednesday.

June 27, 28 and 29 were the three dates in 2016 for filing declarations to be candidates in primaries or to be independent candidates in the general election. Candidates for federal office and independent presidential electors file with the Department of State’s Elections Division. Candidates for gerneral assembly, local offices, district committees and local committees file with local boards of canvassers where the candidate is registered to vote.

Declarations of Candidacy – Monday, June 27th, Tuesday, June 28th and Wednesday, June 29th


  1. Jamie Bova
  2. John Florez (Incumbent) 
  3. Claude Andrews Lavarre
  4. Justin S. McLaughlin (Incumbent) 
  5. Jeanne-Marie Napolitano (Incumbent)
  6. Benjamin S. Kessler 
  7. Harry Winthrop 
  8. Kimberly L. Shute 

WARD 1 COUNCILOR (1 to be elected)

  1. Marco T. Camacho (Incumbent)
  2. Susan D. Taylor

WARD 2 COUNCILOR (1 to be elected)

  1. Lynne Underwood Ceglie (Incumbent)

WARD 3 COUNCILOR (1 to be elected)

  1. Kathryn E. Leonard (Incumbent) 

SCHOOL COMMITTEE – AT LARGE (7 to be elected)

  1. Sandra J. Flowers (Incumbent) 
  2. Jo Eva Gaines (Incumbent)
  3. Adrienne Clemente Haylor 
  4. Thomas S. Phelan
  5. Kathleen M. Silvia (Incumbent) 
  6. David C. Hanos, JR. (Incumbent) 
  7. Rebecca Bolan  (Incumbent) 
  8. Jennifer Jackson 
  9. Henry Kniskern
  10. David Carlin 
  11. Raymond Gomes 
  12. David Eikeland 
  13. Francis D. Landry, JR. 
  14. Timoth W. Donnelly 
  15. Robert Leary 
  16. Marci O’ Sullivan 
  17. Stephen B. Turcotte 

Senate District 12 (1 to be elected)

  1. Lois DiPalma – Democrat (Incumbent)
  2. Richard Rom – Republican
  3. Amy Veri – Republican

Senate District 13 (1 to be elected)

  1. M. Theresa Paiva-Weed (Incumbent) 
  2. Sav Rebecci – Filed in Jamestown

Senate District Committee – District 13

  1. David R. Carlin III
  2. J. Clement Cicilline
  3. Charles H. Diluglio
  4. Jo Eva Gaines
  5. Thomas P. Kane
  6. Gerard M. O’Malley
  7. Kathleen M. Sivia

House District 73 (1 to be elected)

  1. Marvin L. Abney – Democrat (Incumbent)  (ENDORSED)

House District 74 (1 to be elected)

  1. Deborah Ruggiero – Democrat (Incumbent)
  2. Rebecca Schiff – Republican

House District 75 (1 to be elected)

  1. Lauren H. Carson – Democrat (Incumbent) 
  2. Michael Warren Smith – Independent 

Representative District Committee – District 75

  1. Andrew P. Carson
  2. Lauren H. Carson
  3. Peggy Jo Catledge
  4. Annette L. Raisky

Newport Democratic City Committee

  1. Sandra J. Flowers 

Newport Democratic City Commitee

  1. Cheryl L. Abney
  2. Marvin L. Abney
  3. Mary Addison
  4. Lauren H. Carson
  5. Lynn Underwood Ceglie
  6. J. Clement Cicilline
  7. Barbara L. Coleman
  8. Frank E. Coleman
  9. Dawn Eur
  10. Sandra J. Floers
  11. Raymond E. Gomes
  12. Valerie R. Kalwak
  13. Charles Laranjo
  14. Donna L. McCarthy
  15. Shirley A. Ripa
  16. Kimberly L. Shute
  17. Kathleen M. Silvia
  18. Joanna Sommerville
  19. Thomas H. Sullivan
  20. Rita D. Slom
  21. Susan D. Taylor
  22. Ruth B. Thumbtzen
  23. Charles W. Right

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