A deer was spotted wandering around Bowen’s Wharf just after 2 p.m. on Thursday.

Frank Silvia, Musical Director and Bar Manager for Landing and The Lobster Bar, tells What’sUpNewp that a deer came from the direction of Bowen’s Wharf and ran into the Lobster Bar just after 2 p.m. on Thursday.

The deer, which he estimates weighed 125 – 150 pounds, ran into the Lobster Bar, before the deer could go much further or any damage done, the deer was tackled and brought to the ground by a female Lobster Bar employee.

Silvia quickly called 911 and let them know of the situation and that they had a deer apprehended, “the 911 Operator told me that it was a wild animal and to let it go, I reminded them that I know it’s a wild animal and that’s why I didn’t let a wild animal go loose in a restaurant on Bowen’s Wharf”.

Newport Animal Control did respond to the scene, tranquilized the deer and share with Silvia that they would relocate it to Ocean Drive, “somewhere by The Bells I assume they will let it go”, Silvia told What’sUpNewp.

“The deer did have a bloody face, perhaps it was hit by a car or ran into something and was disoriented”, Silvia shared.