In a letter to the editor on Friday, Newport resident Andy Lavaree announced his intent to run for Newport City Council.


I am declaring my candidacy at large for the Newport City Council.

This is a difficult decision. It is a lot of work, there is little remuneration, and we are all very short on time. Meanwhile, many things seem to be going my way since the last election: I am pleased with the City Manager, Kate Leonard, Marco Camacho, and even the Public Works department. They are making progress in repairing our hideous infrastructure problems.

So if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

What there is to fix is this pervasive and erosive culture of Political Correctness.

My choice: Meta data—The Bigger Picture: Due Process and the Rule of Law.

Our Nation has devolved from one based on deontological principles: the Ten Commandments, the Magna Carta, the U.S. Constitution, to one based on teleological principles: Follow the money, the end justifies the means, do it because you can.

Obama, Clinton, and Trump personified.

Words on paper such as these fundamental documents are worthless unless enforced: that politically correct devolution is destroying our lives.

Thanks be to God that the United Kingdom, at least England, have formally recognized that.

It is time for the rest of us so to do.

LGBT sexual perversion, fornication, predation, violence, globalism, socialism, and all the other leftist elite “isms” are not the norm and are not acceptable in any civilized society. I shall not tolerate them.

I offer my voice in support of restoring this Nation to common sense—the principles of the Bill of Rights:

+ Mind Your Own Business
+ Keep Your Hands Off My Stuff

If we could all just follow those two simple rules then everybody wins.

My election to Council shall ensure at least three voices of seven in favor of Common Sense, Due Process, and the Rule of Law. And I shall apply it at every opportunity.

At the end of the day there are only two persons whose opinions matter: God, and yourself.

I shall promote that.

Think global. Act local.

Lavaree joins Jamie Bova and former Mayor Harry Winthrop as the “outside” candidates running for Newport City Council. Current Newport City Council Members Jeanne-Marie Napolitano, John Florez, Naomi Neville, Marco Camacho, Lynne Ceglie and Kate Leonard have all expressed intent to run for re-election in November.

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