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Newport City Hall.

Day one of the Declarations of Candidacy window saw 16, 12 incumbents and 4 others, file declarations to be candidates in local offices on Monday.

June 27, 28 and 29 are the dates in 2016 for filing declarations to be candidates in primaries or to be independent candidates in the general election. Candidates for federal office and independent presidential electors file with the Department of State’s Elections Division. Candidates for gerneral assembly, local offices, district committees and local committees file with local boards of canvassers where the candidate is registered to vote.

Also, we have confirmed Representative Lauren Carson Confirms She Will Seek Re-election in November, she plans to fill out her declaration on Tuesday, and that All Seven Newport City Council Members Intend to Run For Re-election in November.

Declarations of Candidacy – Monday, June 27th

(As of 3:30 p.m.)

CITY COUNCIL AT-LARGE (4 to be elected)

  1. Jamie Bova
  2. John Florez (Incumbent)
  3. Claude Andrews Lavarre
  4. Justin S. McLaughlin (Incumbent)
  5. Jeanne-Marie Napolitano (Incumbent)

WARD 1 COUNCILOR (1 to be elected)

  1. Marco T. Camacho (Incumbent)

WARD 2 COUNCILOR (1 to be elected)

  1. Lynne Underwood Ceglie (Incumbent)

WARD 3 COUNCILOR (1 to be elected)

  1. Kathryn E. Leonard (Incumbent)

SCHOOL COMMITTEE – AT LARGE (7 to be elected)

  1. Sandra J. Flowers (Incumbent)
  2. Jo Eva Gaines (Incumbent)
  3. Adrienne Clemente Haylor
  4. Thomas S. Phelan
  5. Kathleen M. Silvia (Incumbent)
  6. David C. Hanos, JR. (Incumbent)

SENATE 13 (1 to be elected)

  1. M. Theresa Paiva-Weed (Incumbent)

REP 73 (1 to be elected)

  1. Marvin L. Abney (Incumbent)

REP 75 (1 to be elected)