The following statement and information has been shared with us from the International Tennis Hall of Fame;
Today the International Tennis Hall of Fame mourns the passing of Hall of Famer Bud Collins. Bud had an incomparable impact on our sport as a journalist, broadcaster, and historian. He exuded a genuine passion for tennis that was second to none. His commitment to preserving its history and sharing the stories of its greatest champions will leave a permanent positive impact on our game. In recognition of his tremendous contributions to tennis, Bud Collins was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1994.
Statement from Stan Smith
“Bud made such a huge impact on our sport because he was one of the most knowledgeable people in tennis and he was so committed to always learning more about the sport and its characters. By combining his knowledge with his one-of-a-kind color, he really made the game fun and interesting for the fans and the players. He was responsible for growing interest in our sport tremendously,” said International Tennis Hall of Fame President and Hall of Famer Stan Smith.
He continued, “On a personal level, Bud was partially responsible for launching my career and my partner Bob Lutz’s career. One of our first big wins was in Boston and Bud never let me forget how much he talked us up on the air and how much great promotion he gave us. And every time he reminded me, I was grateful to have been part of Bud’s memories. He was probably one of the most giving people that I met. He would do anything for people around the game, and he will be sorely missed.”
Statement from Todd Martin
“Bud will be greatly missed, but his impact on the game will never be lost. He documented and commented on our sport’s great moments and history every day, and in doing so – he made history himself. As a player, one could count on Bud to be fair, easy to speak with, and able to see past the surface on any subject,” said Todd Martin, International Tennis Hall of Fame CEO. “His heart and passion for the sport were just as great as his pants were bold. He drew fans into our sport and he kept every one of us in the industry engaged in the news.
“While we are saddened today, it is impossible to think of Bud and not smile. He will be greatly missed, but always remembered with happiness and admiration.”