Fifth Ward Liquor

(Photo of Fifth Ward Liquor)

For the second time this month, someone from Newport has won big on a RI Lottery Instant Scratch Ticket. On December 8th, a Newport Man Wins $35,000 on Instant Ticket, Plans on Opening a Juice Bar in Newport.

In a press release on December 14th, RI Lottery shared the following good news;

A Newport man had 20,000 reasons to smile this morning when he cashed in a $20,000 winning Instant Ticket. During his weekly routine, he bought a “1,000,000 Scratch” Instant Ticket and won $20,000! The winner mentioned to Lottery staff that the most he’d won prior was $500. In his excitement, he said he’s going to have “a very good Christmas.” He plans to use the money won for holiday shopping. The winning ticket was sold at Fifth Ward Liquor, 695 Thames St., Newport.

As of December 14, 2015, the “$1,000,000 Scratch” Instant Ticket has one (1) $1 million prize and thirteen (13) $20,000 prizes remaining.