Nearly 500 people have signed a petition and letter started by SGS For Healing in response to The Boston Globe‘s December 15th article that brought attention to alleged sexual abuse at St. Georges School.

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The petition titledOur Immediate Requests of St George’s Schoolis directed towardsHead of SchoolEric Peterson andSt. George’s SchoolBoard of Directors andit appears as if it was started byby Anne Scott, Class of ‘80,Katie Wales, Class of ‘80 andJoan ‘Bege’ Reynolds, Class of ‘79.

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The Petition

“Dozens of alumni have come forward sinceThe Boston Globe’s December 15th articleFormer student forces R.I. prep school to confront its past.

Currently, they must go through a lawyer, who is also the partner of the School’s counsel, to share their experiences or seek assistance with therapy costs. Many of them have told us that they do not feel safe doing this.

We, the undersigned, insist that St. George’s School establishes without delay:

  1. An independent, clinician-directed assistance fund for former students who need care and treatment as the result of being sexually assaulted while at the School;
  2. An objective and thorough investigation, conducted by an independent third-party, and with full disclosure of the findings to the School community;
  3. A disclosure to its alumni of the important facts discovered through that independent investigation.

Many of these cases of abuse reach back over thirty years, but some are more recent. St. George’s must take responsibility forthe harms caused by its neglect, and immediately help those who continue to suffer from those crimes.

Anne Scott, Class of ‘80

Katie Wales, Class of ‘80

Joan ‘Bege’ Reynolds, Class of ‘79″

Ryan M. Belmore

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