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Update: 11/12/15 at 11pm – This story was a poll, unfortunately people weren’t taking it seriously or honestly, two of the answers in the poll received more than 50% of their votes (one visitor voted for Newport Buzz 18 times, while another user voted for Newport Daily News 15 times)  from the same IP address. Apparently the realization that their media outlet isn’t relevant is a scary thing and they try to rig the poll. This poll has been disabled until we can find another option.

ETC Institute administered the 2015 City Of Newport Community Survey during June and July of 2015.

The purpose of the survey was to assess citizen satisfaction with the delivery of major city services and to help determine priorities for the community as part of the City’s ongoing planning process.

The 2015 survey was six (6) pages long and took the average person approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Of the households that received the survey, 1,226 completed the survey.

2015 Citizen Survey Document is available for viewing, click HERE to view the results.

No one on the What’sUpNewp Crew were among the 1,226 residents to receive or complete the survey. It was only when we reviewed the survey results did we realize that whoever put together the questions and possible answers for the survey that they left us and other local media outlets off of the survey.

Newport This Week and Newport Daily News were the only local media mentioned by name when the question was asked about “Sources Used To Get Information About The City Of Newport“.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 7.49.55 PM

Is there a fair reason why 1540 AM WADK Newport (which has been on the air here in Newport since 1948), What’sUpNewp, Newport Patch or even Discover Newport weren’t also mentioned as a possible answer?

Speaking just for ourselves, we know that some portion of the thousands that visit our website every day receive some sort of information about the City Of Newport.

If you’re going to put “internet”, “television” and “Facebook”, you might as well have just kept the answers general and put “newspaper”. Something doesn’t seem right…

While only 1,226 out of 24,027 residents of Newport actually participated in the survey, we are going to use this thing called the “Internet” and our resources to administer our own poll (coming back soon).

Where do you go to get information about the City Of Newport?