It’s a common occurrence in Newport, the good ‘ol “pool hop”; the act of jumping in the neighbor’s pool while no-one is home! We didn’t think we could find anything more exciting until Shore Soap Co. introduced us to the “shower hop”. (We are by no means encouraging trespassing, but we like fantasizing on this idea!) Model and UNH student Mattea Barnes, hopped the fence into this luxury property to indulge into Shore Soap Co’s latest collection of beauty products.

We know you all want to take a closer look at Mattea but how unreal is the out-door shower! It’s located at a property called “Vershire Gardens” (for sale at $1,095,000) a luscious compound with elegant slate patios, shady vignettes, large dining-room decks – perfect for entertaining poolside…

This outdoor shower is fully functional with elegantly designed drapes (if you want privacy), hot water and a hard wood floor to for a real deal luxury soak! Lately in the world of bath products, coffee scrubs have made their way to popularity. Just a tip, it’s hard to shower hop with this super aromatic soap! Be aware, it awakes the senses.

So, let’s personally thank Mattae and Shore Soap Co. for introducing Newport to the “shower hop”. Let’s keep in mind that WhatsUpNewp is not responsible for the random influx of strangers taking showers in a neighbor’s outdoor sanctuary! If you want this particular shower as your own, contact Libby Kirwin Real Estate!

photography by Visual Manor, Alex Barz + Melissa Quintal