It’s a common action that once the summer is over the tourists leave, resturants slow down (or close), chill factor creeps in and we are left to defeat our own boredom.  We should all take tips from a business-owner who never sleeps and is rarely satisfied. Libby Kirwin of Libby Kirwin Real Estate earns success in pushing boundaries in the real estate industry.

If you are subscribed to their newsletter you will understand how much fun this team is having selling homes! Their latest editorial for 102 Green End Avenue in Middletown (listed at $1,095,000) showcases the exterior assets of the home, which include a swimming pool, large hot tub, outdoor shower and extravagant landscaping that makes the property an exclusive hidden paradise.

The editorial also captures a party (where was our invite?) including, cocktails, cupcakes, flower crowns and glow-sticks. “The purpose of introducing models into our property photos is to paint a picture and to help imaginations run wild on how much excitement a home could bring to someone’s life”, says Libby Kirwn. “If I am going to be working 24/7, I am going to have some fun while doing it!”

Check out the listing for 102 Green End Ave, here. 

Photography by Visual Manor, Alex Barz and Melissa Quintal 

Flowers by Carlone’s Florist

Cocktails by Keel Vodka

Swimsuits by Salt Swimwear

Sunglasses by Smith Optics

Jumpers available at Island Outfitters 

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