“All we knew is that in order to get access to the inside of Fort Adams, we needed to look for a guy named Ray. We pulled up the parking lot and asked this charming man if he knew Ray. He said, ‘Yeah, I know em‘ and he proceeded to give us his number. The charming man got back into his car for no apparent reason. We dialed the number, Ray answered and it turns out that the charming man was actually Ray. He pranked us well. What a wonderful way to start the day”, Olivia explains.

WUN contributor Marial Maher (Visual Manor) and local Newporter Olivia Linn received special treatment last week at Fort Adams State Park with a private tour of the grounds, while discussing the ins and outs of the Newport lifestyle.

WUN: What is your best moment a Fort Adams?

Olivia: The best moment at Fort Adams is Ray’s practical joke..and having this opportunity to freely roam around the fort and check out all the creepy rooms that have been left untouched. That was right up my ally.

WUN: You recently posted on Facebook, someone said you didn’t have a “real job”…What is your rebuttal/opinion on that?

Olivia: Most people think that working at a bar or in a restaurant is a “joke job” — that it doesn’t require much mental or physical stamina. Not every person can manage 16 hours days on their feet and starving, meanwhile having mental strength to remember five different orders. Bartending is a developed position and only skilled, multitasking, problem solving and somewhat crazy people handle this job and BE GOOD AT….all while having a smile on their face! My job is a real as it gets.

WUN: The hospitality industry in Newport is the most thriving – what is your most memorable moment working at The Landing, Island Outfitter or other places you have worked?

Olivia: I’ve worked at the Landing for five summers and probably the most memorable shifts I work are when I do weddings. I love seeing the different themes, listening to the speeches and crying because I’m a huge baby.

WUN: What is the best part of living on Dean Ave?

Olivia: The best part about living on Dean Ave is that I live across the street from my best friend Cait and my other best friend Thai Cuisine (I literally eat it three times a week). I have close access to the beaches and parks on Wellington where I take my dog Chora.

WUN: Where is your dream house located?

Olivia: My dream house would be somewhere in the Gibbs/Rhode Island Ave area. It’s nice to be downtown but there’s not many properties with privacy and a yard.

WUN: What is your favorite part about Fall in Newport?

Olivia: My favorite part about Fall in Newport is definitely the weather! I’m all about jeans, light sweaters and booties. It is also much easier to work at a bar when it’s not sweltering.

Make sure to visit Olivia at The Landing! Tip your bartenders 🙂

Also, check out the upcoming events at Fort Adams this fall!


October 4th, 2015 – Middletown Rotary Car Show 

October 14th, 2015 – Ghosthunters Viewing Party

October 16th – 18th, 23rd – 25th – Fortress of Nightmares