Newport Storm

Red Dawn hits shelves this week and marks the 10th beer to be released by the Newport Storm Brewery this year! A robust Russian Imperial Stout,​​ Red Dawn is also the latest installment to Storm’s 4-pack collection.

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, brewers at Storm note this seasonal change by transitioning from​ the​ crisp, citrus beers of summer, to flavorful bold brews that are a fall harvest all their own. Traditionally, Russian Imperial Stouts are known for their malt complexities that can take on​ ​slight burnt tones reminiscent of black coffee.

With ​​Red Dawn, brewers wanted to​going to the extreme with the roast profile ​and added ample amounts of Canada Pale and Castle Special B Malt. Flaked barley and oats were also added to tame the full-bodied flavors for a smooth finish. Reminiscent of a brisk fall night, this brew pours with a deep tan head and velvety chestnut body. Cozy up this fall, not at the campfire, but with this brews warming embrace of roasted nuts, dark chocolate and plum. At a hefty 9% ABV, Brew Master Derek notes, “this beer comes in a 4 pack for a reason, so be sure to sip and savor it’s choco-nutty goodness!”.

Distribution is set to begin soon, watch Newport Storm’s Facebook Page for announcements on when this freshly bottled beer will be at a retailer near you.