Second Beach in Middletown

The Town of Middletown today announced that the sale of seasonal passes to Sachuest and Third beaches will start online Monday, April 12. 

Town Operations & Facility Manager Will Cronin said passes will be available at online exclusively for about a month before in-person sales are expected to begin in mid-May.

The price for the seasonal passes will be the same as last year, according to a press release from the town. For a Middletown resident seasonal pass, the price is $70 compared to $65 for Middletown resident seniors and $30 for Middletown resident motorcycle. For non-residents, the cost is $140 for a seasonal pass, $130 for a senior pass, and $60 for a motorcycle pass. For those who use the online service, Cronin said there’s a modest handling fee charged with each transaction.

“More and more, we’re trying to make our services convenient for our customers, our residents,” Cronin said. “We’re happy to be offering online beach sticker sales for the first time ever to make the process easier to get a beach sticker.”

Like the Summer of 2020, no free second passes will be issued for Middletown residents who purchase a parking sticker. There will also be no free stickers for parking at Third Beach. 

The town says that it will continue to reserve half of the available spots in the main lot at 474 Sachuest Point Road and half of the Surfer’s End lot by the intersection with Purgatory Road for Middletown residents. The Third Beach parking lots will be open only to Middletown residents with seasonal beach passes and non-resident mooring holders. During the beach season, lots open daily at 8 a.m. — weather permitting. 

Importantly, Cronin reminded customers – including Middletown residents – that the purchase of a seasonal pass is not a guarantee of a parking spot, particularly on busy, sunny weekends and holidays. That point is stressed throughout the online purchase experience.

To make sure the stickers are placed on the proper vehicles, the online purchase process requires buyers to submit several documents through the secure website. This includes proof of Middletown residency and related materials.

Cronin said the town has close to a dozen days leading up to the opening of the beaches on Memorial Day weekend where stickers will be sold in person at the beach.

“We’re going to have in-person sales just like we have in the past, but with COVID distancing protocols, it made sense to open up sales online first,” Cronin said. “That way, we’re able to avoid some of the long lines and delays we’ve experienced last year.”

Cronin also reminded beachgoers the town does not run out of parking stickers and they’re available to buy all summer long. Beachgoers do not need a sticker to park at the beaches before Memorial Day, he said. For those who pay in person for seasonal passes, Cronin said check or money order are preferred and credit cards are not accepted.

“I’ve taken a number of calls about ‘When are the stickers going on sale?’ and we’re excited about this upcoming beach season,” Cronin added. “Right now, we’re focused on getting the beaches ready and giving people the best experience anywhere around.” 

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