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The Narragansett Council, Boy Scouts of America are hosting a virtual American Cultures Merit Badge course, to be taught by Dorca Paulino, Diversity Director for the Rhode Island Judiciary. 

Paulino has served as the R.I. Judiciary’s first Diversity Director since her appointment in May of 2017. Her main goal is to diversify the judiciary’s applicant pool by bringing job opportunities to inner-city high schools, colleges, technical schools and nonprofits.

Students are brought into the courts to meet a variety of judicial employees to learn about the qualifications they will need to pursue a judicial career. Students also receive the opportunity to sit in on court proceedings, gaining an understanding of the court system and that it is not a place to fear for minorities. 

The American Cultures merit badge course brings together Scouts with different racial, cultural, national or ethic backgrounds to understand the experiences of different groups. Topics of discussion will include U.S. population and demographic information, historical events that have shaped population changes in the U.S. and an exploration of how American culture influences the world. 

This course will teach Scouts an important lesson as the country wrestles with racial unrest and wide spread protesting. In the American Cultures merit badge pamphlet, it says: “It takes cooperation from all groups and individuals to work together so that we can all get along. Learning to accept people for who they are, no matter what their background, makes good sense for us all. By understanding how conflict and cooperation affect people and their behavior, we might be able to make our world a better place.”

Merit Badge courses are an essential piece of a Scout advancing to their Eagle Scout rank. During the Stay at Home period, the Narragansett Council has hosted 182 virtual merit badge courses, serving over 2,500 Scouts across the region.

WHAT:   American Cultures Merit Badge Course 

WHEN:   Tuesday June 16 and Thursday June 18 from 10:00-11:00AM

WHERE:  Anywhere! The class is hosted on Zoom.

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