Lorusso's Newport

Back on May 28, Thames Street’s Stoneacre Pantry owners, Christopher Bender and David Crowell, joined with owner Tony Lorusso of Lorusso’s Newport, to add a Puglia-influenced Italian dinner menu to Lorusso’s current breakfast and lunch selections.

Since May, the trio has acquired Wellington Square Liquors and its Class A alcoholic beverage license and now they are looking to expand into Unit of 3 at 580 Thames Street.

Pursuant to the General Laws of the state, a Class A license would not allow Lorusso’s to serve or sell alcohol on their premises for consumption.

A wholesaler’s license, Class A, authorizes the holder to keep for sale and to sell malt beverages and wines at wholesale at the place described to holders of licenses under this title within this state and to holders of wholesale licenses in other states and the transportation and delivery from the place of sale to those license holders or to a common carrier for that delivery.The license shall not authorize the sale of malt beverages or wines for consumption on the premises where sold nor their sale for their delivery outside this state in violation of the law of the place of delivery.

Stoneacre Pantry operates with a Class BV (Restaurant License), read more about liquor licenses in Newport.

The expansion, which totals 1,200 feet of additional space, will serve as a coffee/lounge area and will increase seating by 30.

The application for liquor license transfer was approved by Newport City Council on May 25th and the expansion was approved by Newport City Council on June 8th.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 9.48.27 AM
Rendering of expansion


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