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One question we’ve been surprisingly asked a lot lately down here at The Wharf Pub is – “Do you have any sours on tap right now ?”

Sours are huge right now in the Craft Beer industry.

Sours are great beers for guests that are just being introduced to craft beer, also guests that normally drink a glass of Pinot Grigio or Champagne will typically like a sour beer that is fruity and low ABV.

What is a Sour? A sour beer is considered a Wild ale, Berliner-Weiss, Gueuze and Sour IPA’s, which are typically made with Brettanomcyes yeast not to mention a ton of fruit.

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Berliner-Weiss (yes from Berlin) are Wheat ales (Weiss), the name comes from malts a brewery uses. Berliner-Weiss tend to be more popular in the summer time with that tangy-lemony flavor and super light bodied.

Next we have Gueuze style sours that are not that well known in the US. Gueuze typically are sweet lambics with huge notes of raspberries, grapefruit etc.

Lastly we have the American Wild Ales (AWA) Wild Ales are usually barrel aged using wild fermentation.

Now at The Wharf Pub we offer a rotating Sour line in addition to sour beers we carry in bottles as well.

Here are our favorites and what we are currently carrying on our list:
Epic Tart ‘N Juicy Sour IPA – Colorado – 4.6% ABV – Epic’s IPA brewed with juicy and citrus hops with a puckering finish.

Green Flash Passion Fruit Kicker – San Diego – 5.5% ABV – Green Flash’s Wheat ale brewed with Passion Fruit and a sweet tart fruity flavor.

Two Roads Bergamonster – Connecticut – 7.0% ABV – Unfiltered wheat ale brewed with New & Old world hops and Bergamont Oranges.

Coming soon:

Uinta Hopscursion No. 1 – Salt Lake City – 6.5% ABV – Uinta’s west coast style IPA brewed with Brettanyomces yeast with funky fruit zest.

Brooklyn Bel Air – New York – 5.8% ABV – Now Brooklyn’s year round Wheat ale brewed with pale wheat malts, Brooklyn’s house yeast.

The Wharf Pub is located at 37 Bowen’s Wharf and online at

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