These memorials, monuments, and markers throughout Newport, Rhode Island document the trials, tribulations, battles, historical events, and those Newporters lost while at a battle. We hope that this will inspire you to visit an important marker, monument, and memorial that more than likely has been an integral piece of our city and nation’s history.

1 – World War I Flag Memorial

This tribute in front of Newport City Hall is to honor more than 70 men of Newport who gave their lives during the world war, 1917 – 1918.

2 – World War II Monument

More than 170 soldiers from Newport, RI who were lost during World War II are remembered at this monument in front of Newport City Hall.

3 – The Korean Crisis

Located in front of Newport City Hall this monument honors the twelve Newport residents who died during The Korean Crisis between 1950 – 1953.

4 – The Vietnam Crisis 

The Vietnam Crisis Monument, located in front of Newport City Hall, honors eleven who died while answering their country’s call between August 5, 1964 to May 7, 1975.

5 – Brenton Point Maritime Memorial 

Located at Brenton Point State Park

6 – Defending from Land Assault

Located inside Fort Adams

7 – Defending Narragansett Bay

Located inside Fort Adams

8 – Fort Adams (Civil War)

Located at Fort Adams Drive

5 – French Aid Memorial (American Revolution)

Located at King Park

9 – Major General Isaac Ingalls Stevens (Civil War)

Located at Island Cemetery

10 Memorial to the French Fleet (American Revolution)

Located on Wellington Avenue

11 Militia Common (American Revolution)

Located intersection Marlborough and Meeting Streets;

12 – Portuguese Navigators Monument 

Located at Brenton Point on Ocean Drive;

13 – Returning Old Glory 2001

Located Fort Adams Drive

14 – Rhode Island Marine Memorial (All Wars)

Located America’s Cup Avenue, Perotti Park;

15 – Rochambeau Monument (American Revolution)

Located at King Park

16 – Southwest Battery (American Revolution)

Located Fort Adams Drive

17 – The Tree of Liberty (American Revolution)

Located intersection Poplar Street and Thames Street;

18 – USS Bennington CVA-20 (Air Task Group 181)

Located Lincoln Drive

19 – Vietnam War Memorial; Dedicated – Unknown

Located Newport Courthouse

20 – Memorial (World War II)

Located 43 Broadway

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Editor’s Note: This story was originally published on November 11, 2015.

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