WhatsUpNewp, today (March 12), celebrates its 10th anniversary.

It would have been hard to imagine a decade ago that this idea would evolve into such an influential and important part of so many lives – telling the stories from various entertainment stages to the streets of Newport, from local government meetings to the State House.

Thirty-million-page hits and growing.

As traditional print journalism continues to decline, online publications like WUN continue to grow, adding new ways to engage its readers and viewers.

Ryan Belmore, publisher, has gathered a formidable team of journalists that are dedicated to fulling journalism’s primary role: that is, according to the American Press Institute, “to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and their governments.”

We were there during the gas crisis in Newport, providing residents with virtually hour-to-hour updates that helped them make decisions of whether to stay on the island during frigid temperatures or seek shelter elsewhere.

We do that when we cover the major issues and how they impact us locally, from the pandemic to climate change to affordable housing.

We do that when we cover local school building projects or issues like Newport’s north end development or reconfiguring the off-ramps for the Newport Bridge.

We do that when we cover local and statewide politics, bringing decision-makers to our local videocasts.

We do that when we keep you informed of what’s happening at the state’s and region’s major entertainment venues, introduce you to local authors or performing or visual artists. 

We do that when we provide the most up-to-date information about major events – the folk, jazz, and music festivals among them.

And we do that when we introduce you to local businesses, talk about growing industries, and just simply keep you informed about those issues and happenings that are important to your lives.

It’s not been an easy journey. Maintaining fiscal viability during a pandemic is, they say, “no walk in the park.”

What’sUpNewp runs on reader support. If you value what we do, please consider supporting us with a one-time, monthly, or annual contribution.

It has taken dedication, perseverance, imagination, creativity, and integrity from Ryan and the entire WUN team.

Where once WUN would post stories, it evolved to adding podcasts and videocasts.

We’re grateful at WUN to our readers, viewers, and listeners. We appreciate those who support WUN through contributions. We’re grateful to our advertisers who see the value in supporting WUN not only as a community resource but also as a viable means to promote their businesses.

And we’re extremely grateful to our staff, our columnists, our contributors. 

WUN understands that the stakes are high. All we need to do is look across the pond, and war between Russia and Ukraine, and how Russia has successfully shut down what had already been a shackled media.

We recognize that freedom, that democracies rise, or fall based upon a free press, from the smallest to the largest outlets. “Journalism,” said Walter Cronkite, “is what we need to make democracy work.”

It’s an awesome responsibility, but we think in our small way, over these last 10 years and the decade ahead of us, we wear it well.

Join us in raising a glass to our first 10 years.

Frank Prosnitz

Frank Prosnitz brings to WhatsUpNewp several years in journalism, including 10 as editor of the Providence (RI) Business News and 14 years as a reporter and bureau manager at the Providence (RI) Journal....