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The Newport Democratic City Committee is firmly committed to fighting racism and inequity. This foundational belief unites Democrats across the country and calls us to take action which improves lives for all. 

Newport is at a turning point, which presents us with a unique opportunity to make the future different from the past.  Now is the time to support public policy measures that promote equity. Indeed, Newport can lead the way.

Equitable outcomes require access to true equality of opportunity. Recent events prove inequity and racism persist. An examination of so many aspects of our society – healthcare, housing, education, transportation, planning, criminal justice, incarceration rates, lifetime accumulation of wealth, income disparity, sexual orientation – make it plain that there are impediments to equal opportunity for many people, especially people of color and people with low incomes.  As Democrats, we work to identify, understand, and overcome impediments to equity to build a better community for all of us.

In the past five years the City has undertaken multiple planning projects which aim to improve all aspects of city life.  The Comprehensive Plan assembled a wide cross -section of citizens to shape our common purpose, and provides a road map for achieving shared goals.  More recently, the North End Urban Plan focused these goals in one part of the city as it received energetic public demand for equity.  The Health Equity Zone (HEZ), with support from the van Beuren Foundation, has teamed with Smart Growth America to give residents of the North End an opportunity to articulate their vision of equitable development.  The state-led Transportation Master Plan will serve to physically unite us, as we move toward common purpose.  Recently, the Planning Board sent a broad set of policy recommendations to the City Council to support goals of equity and inclusion.

If you share these beliefs:  that opportunity should be available to all, that persistent unequal outcomes need to be examined, and that a fair and just society is the only possible future, join the chorus of Democrats to demand greater equity in our public policy. 

Susan Douglas Taylor, Chair, on behalf of the Newport Democratic City Committee.

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