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Newport City Council hosted a regular council meeting this evening.

Among the items on the agenda are a Special Events License for a Fireworks Display at Bailey’s Beach Club on July 3; Food Truck Licenses, Permits, and ordinances; a Resolution approving the issuance of $106,500,000 General Obligation bonds for Pell School addition and new Rogers High School, and a liquor license transfer (Mission is transferring its Class BL license to Boru).

The meeting was open to the public.


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All seven City Councilors were present for the meeting.

Citizen’s Form

No participation.

Consent Calendar

a.Minutes of the meeting held January 27, 2021 (Approve)

Minutes *Approved unanimously (7-0)*

b.Special Events:
1.Fireworks Display – Bailey’s Beach Club, d/b/a Bailey’s Beach Club Fireworks, barge off Bailey’s Beach Club; July 3, 2021, 6-minute display beginning at 9:18 p.m. – Continued from February 10, 2021

Fireworks *Approved unanimously (7-0)*

c.2020 Annual Report – Board of Tax Appeals (Receive)

Report *Approved/Received unanimously (7-0)*

d.Communication from Clean Ocean Access, re: Clean Ocean Access 2020 Updates (Receive)

COA *Approved/Received unanimously (7-0)*

e.Communication from the Planning Board, re: Review for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Comprehensive Plan (Receive)

Planning Board *Received/Approved unanimously & referred to administration (7-0)*

f.Communication from the Planning Board, re: Tree and Open Space Ordinance (Receive)

Planning Board *Approved unanimously (7-0)*

g.Popular Annual Financial Report – July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020 (Receive)

*Approved unanimously (7-0)*

Licenses & Permits

2.Victualing License, Boru Noodles LLC, d/b/a Boru Noodle Bar, 36 Broadway and 51-53 Marlborough St. (In conjunction with liquor license transfer of Mission, LLC)

Boru Noodles *Approved unanimously (7-0)*

3.Mobile Food Establishment (MFET), Renewals:
a.1899, LLC, d/b/a La Costa Lobster and Tacos, 186 Bellevue Ave., Newport, RI – Continued from February 10, 2021

La Costa *Approved unanimously (7-0)*

b.Amano LLC, d/b/a A Mano Pizza & Gelato, 181 Bellevue Ave. #315, Newport, RI – Continued from February 10, 2021

A Mano *Approved unanimously (7-0)*

4.Mobile Food Establishment (MFEC), Renewal:
a.Jordan Durand, d/b/a Simple Merchant, 1 Arcadia Avenue, North Dartmouth, MA

Simple Merchant *Approved unanimously (7-0)*


5.Resolution of the City of Newport approving the issuance of not to exceed  $106,500,000 General Obligation bonds, notes and other evidences of indebtedness to finance all costs relating to the construction, renovation, improvement, alteration, repair, landscaping, furnishing and equipping of: (I) an addition to the Claiborne Pell Elementary School, including, but not limited to, classrooms and associated support space site improvements, and parking and (II) a new school facility for the William S. Rogers High School, provided that the authorization shall be reduced by the amount of certain grants received from State bond proceeds, from the Rhode Island Department of Education or from the Rhode Island School Building Authority

Bond– Memorandum from Laura L. Sitrin, Director of Finance, RE: Pell Addition and New High School BondsMemorandum *Approved unanimously (7-0)*

6.Language Access Plan – E. Fuerte, A. McCalla, J. Bova, L. Ceglie, C. Holder

Language Access Plan *Approved/Passed unanimously (7-0)*


7.Amending Chapter 2.120 entitled, General Fee Schedule, Section 2.120.010, entitled, “Fees for Permits and Licenses” (Second Reading)

2.120 *Approved unanimously (7-0)*

8.Amending Chapter 5.57 entitled, Mobile Food Establishments, Section 5.57.040, entitled, “Restrictions on Permit” (First Reading) – Continued from February 10, 2021

5.57– Communication from Jason and David BazarskyCommunication

*After approximately 15 minutes of conversation, Councilor McCalla made a motion to table and schedule a workshop (Fuerte seconded), vote was 4-3 (Holder, Leonard, Napolitano nay).

Communications From The City Manager

9.Action Item #5962/21 – RE: Award of Bid #21-017 – School and Cemetery Mowing (w/accompanying resolution)

5962 *Approved unanimously (7-0)*


Board of License Commissioners

1.Application of Mission, LLC, d/b/a Mission, 29 (Unit 3) & 31 Marlborough St., holder of a Class BL alcoholic beverage license to transfer ownership and location to Boru Noodles LLC (Casey Shea – 50% and Steve Lucier – 50%), d/b/a Boru Noodle Bar, at 36 Broadway and 51-53 Marlborough St. (Hearing)

Boru Noodles *Approved unanimously (7-0)*