Antonia Ayres-Brown, Newport Bureau Reporter for The Public’s Radio, dove into development in Newport’s North End during a three-part series published on The Public’s Radio this week. If you missed the series, follow the links below.

Part 1: Newport: Connecting a city divided for decades

“Newport is famous for its historic downtown, Gilded Age mansions, and waterfront restaurants, which attract millions of visitors every year. But the city is also home to the North End, a residential and commercial area that many tourists never see. The future of the North End, though, could look quite different.”

Part 2: The cost of redevelopment: Newport residents worry about displacement in the city’s North End

“Newport is known for having some of the most extravagant homes in the country, but the city is also one of the few communities in Rhode Island hitting statewide goals for affordable housing. Many of those homes are concentrated in the North End, an area where lower housing costs offer alternatives to Newport residents who can’t afford to live in other pricey neighborhoods. Some locals worry that could change with a new plan for redevelopment in the North End”.

Part 3: Newport residents wonder: What will promises of equity really mean for the North End?

“The City of Newport has adopted an ambitious new vision for the future of the North End, a residential and commercial area that faces significant economic disparities. But as Newport now looks to implement this vision, some residents say more work remains to be done to build trust in the plan and its promise of equitable redevelopment”.

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