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The Middletown Town Council has issued the following Letter To The Editor in response to the currently unofficial election results on Question 2 – The Acquistion and Preservation Of Open Space.

Unofficial results show that approve has 79.6% of the vote (6,131 votes), while Reject has 20.4% of the vote (1,572 votes).

The Statement

“Thank you!” 

Sometimes, these two words can ring hollow in today’s fast-paced world, maybe just  platitudes with no feeling or meaning. 

In this case, the seven members of the Middletown Town Council can’t be more heartfelt in  our appreciation to voters and the Aquidneck Land Trust for their support on Election Day  of our $5 million open space bond. 

We genuinely understand times are tough. Budgets are tight. A dollar has to go further than  ever before. It’s no different for the town, where we’ve consciously held the line on taxes  four years straight.  

At the same time, it’s important to continue to move the community forward in a positive  direction, both for today and future generations. 

With this open space money, our aim is to protect strategic property in town that could fall  prey to development pressures and be lost forever. While there’s no specific plan for the  money today, having this funding on hand allows the town to move nimbly should the right  opportunity arise. 

Simply, this money will not be used frivolously. Like all our expenditures, there will be a  clear, careful deliberation, with the best interests of everyone in Middletown in mind  before there’s action. 

We appreciate your belief in us. We are here to prove that trust hasn’t been misplaced.


Robert Sylvia  on behalf of the Middletown Town Council