Newport city hall newport city council
Newport City Hall.

Newport City Council-elect will meet for the first time on Thursday, November 12 at 5 pm to informally elect a Mayor and a Vice-Chairman on the Council for the 2020-2022 term of office.


The Mayor/Chair is elected by the seven City Council members from among the four at-large councilors. The four at-large councilors for the upcoming term are Jeanne-Marie Napolitano, Jamie Bova, Lynn Ceglie, and Elizabeth Fuerte.

Bova and Napolitano, both of who have now previously served as Mayor, have expressed interest in serving as Mayor in the upcoming term.

Angela McCalla will continue to represent Ward 1 on Council, while Charlie Holder will represent Ward 2, and Kate Leonard will continue to represent Ward 3.

Newport City Council-elect will be officially sworn in to office in December and then the Mayor and Vice-Chair will be officially voted on.

What’s Up Newp will broadcast the meeting live on our Facebook Page and website as it happens.

YouTube video

To connect to the official meeting, telephone access is available by calling 1-877-853-5247 (Meeting ID: 922 6938 0490) or by connecting via Zoom.

How Newport’s Government Operates

The City of Newport operates under a Home Rule Charter, which was adopted in 1953, and provides for a City Council – City Manager form of government.  Every two years, Newport voters are asked to elect a seven-member City Council, comprised of four At-Large seats and three Ward representatives.
The Council is headed by a Chairperson, who is elected by the majority and also holds the title of Mayor.  All legislative powers of the City are vested in the City Council by the Charter, including the ordering of any tax, making appropriations, and transacting any other business pertaining to the financial affairs of the City. In addition to their regular duties, Councilors are also assigned positions to serve as liaisons to various boards and commissions. These liaison assignments are an important part of creating a sense of cohesion among the City’s various volunteer-led bodies.