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Newport Canvassing Authority will meet at 11:30 am on Friday, November 6 for the purpose of;

a) qualifying provisional ballots cast in the November 3, 2020 Statewide General Election

b) tallying the write-ins cast in the November 3, 2020 Statewide General Election

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UPDATE: 12 pm (Nov. 6)

Tracy Nelson, Canvassing Clerk for the City of Newport, shared the following data during a brief Canvassing meeting this morning.

Out of 105 provisional ballots cast on Tuesday, 49 will be counted in a full vote. 11 will count in the federal race, and 45 will be disqualified.

Nelson said most of the disqualified ballots is because the person filling them out was not registered and did a provisional at a polling place instead of voting at City Hall (where they would have been able to vote in the presidential race only).

Here’s how the break down for provisional ballots by precincts.

Total / full ballot counted/federal ballot counted/disqualified

2101 – 8/5/1/2

2102 – 39/12/8/19

2103 – 2/1/0/1

2104 – 1/1/0/0

2105 – 14/4/0/10

2106- 20/15/0/5

2107 – 11/6/1/4

2108 – 8/5/1/2

2109 – 2/0/0/2

Total – 105/49/11/45

Nelson also told that the Canvassing Authority that she is planning to conduct a recount the week of November 16th because races are so tight.

Nelson said she is aware that the results of 60 mail ballots, 49 provisional ballots, and an unknown number of ballots dropped off at precincts on Election day to still count.

The RI Board of Elections tweeted today,” this afternoon, we will include on our website additional results from mail ballots received by the deadline, and drop box mail ballots. Over the next several days we will include results from provisional ballots, military/overseas voters, and mail ballots cured by voters.”