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We’ll have to wait for a few more days before every vote is counted in Newport.

According to Tracy Nelson, Canvassing Clerk/Elections Administrator for the City of Newport, we’re still waiting on results from approximately 165 outstanding ballots (approximately 60 ballots that were dropped in a dropbox on Election Day, 105 provisional ballots).

Update – Newport Canvassing Authority hosted a meeting on Friday morning. See recap from it here.

The 60 mail ballots were originally expected to be counted today, and 105 provisional ballots by 11:30 am, but Nelson provided the following update to all Newport candidates at 5:22 pm on Thursday saying that those results would be further delayed.

“Here is the latest update I have been able to obtain from my contact at the Board of Elections:

All of Newport’s mail ballots have been scanned, which means I can complete the disposition of the provisionals; however, the website will not be updated with mail ballot results until after they are finished scanning the mail ballots of ALL 39 cities and towns and that will not be until tomorrow afternoon.

Also, they have been notified that there a protest rally is planned to take place at the BOE tomorrow afternoon.  Accordingly, they have extended the deadline for us to deliver the provisional ballots to their office until Monday at 1PM.  This means we will not see results of the provisionals added in to the mail ballots until later Monday afternoon.  Depending on the spread of mail ballots after tomorrow’s update, the provisionals may or may not make a difference.  Once I am finished with the disposition of the provisionals I can let you know how many of them will be counted as full ballots, including the council races”.

With more than 9,900 votes cast in Newport, normally 165 votes won’t be a big deal, but because it’s 2020 of course it is.

While it is unlikely that the remaining ballots would change any outcomes, it is mathematically possible that it could.

  • There are just 40 votes between top vote-getter Jeanne-Marie Napolitano and Jamie Bova.
  • There are just 14 votes between fourth vote-getter, Elizabeth Fuerte, and fifth vote-getter, Kevin Michaud. Reminder – top four vote getters are the new council.
  • Susan Taylor, in the sixth spot, is just 57 votes behind Fuerte, who is in fourth place.
  • In Ward 2, there are 57 votes between Charlie Holder and Kim Salerno.
  • In Ward 3, ther eare 128 votes between Kathryn Leonard and Paul Marshall.

Here’s the unofficial results thus far;

Representative in General Assembly District 75

CandidateTotal votesPct
Lauren H. Carson (DEM)395969.0%
Patrick J. Donovan (REP)176930.8%

Non-Partisan Council-At-Large CITY OF NEWPORT

4 to elect

CandidateTotal votesPct
Jeanne-Marie Napolitano458916.6%
Jamie P. Bova454916.5%
Lynn Underwood Ceglie380413.8%
Elizabeth Fuerte353212.8%
Kevin Michaud351812.7%
Susan D. Taylor347512.6%
Elizabeth Evans Cullen23018.3%
Justin S. McLaughlin14465.2%

Non-Partisan Council Ward 1 Newport

CandidateTotal votesPct
Angela McCalla155069.0%
Hugo J. DeAscentis, Jr.69030.7%

Non-Partisan Council Ward 2 Newport

CandidateTotal votesPct
Charles M. Holder, Jr.175450.6%
Kim M. Salerno169749.0%

Non-Partisan Council Ward 3 Newport

CandidateTotal votesPct
Kathryn E. Leonard155852.0%
Paul E. Marshall143047.7%

Non-Partisan School Committee CITY OF NEWPORT

7 to elect

CandidateTotal votesPct
Rebecca Bolan450812.0%
Raymond E. Gomes438411.7%
Stephanie J. Winslow438111.7%
Sandra J. Flowers422611.3%
Louisa H. Boatwright417511.1%
James A. Dring389710.4%
Robert J. Leary36049.6%
David R. Carlin, III33178.9%
Michael J. Cullen25296.8%
Nycole S. Matthews22726.1%


CandidateTotal votesPct


CandidateTotal votesPct

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