Newport city hall newport city council

Newport City Council met in a workshop at 4:30 pm on Tuesday, July 28th to receive a COVID-19 Crisis Update from City Manager Joe Nicholson.

Video and updates below.

Recap from the meeting;

  • City Manager reports that Ledge Road has been closed to residents only, closed to parking.
  • City Manager discusses the City is considering zoned parking (A-D), different zones would have higher ticket costs in regards to illegal parking.
  • City Manager on trash downtown – The City is going to deploy more trash bins in the city and the City Manager says he is going to authorize some additional shifts for City staff to clean on weekends. City Manager says that the city is going to look at the long term plan for the big belly trash cans and more containers.
  • City Manager on masks – has asked the state for more masks, they will be handed out by volunteers in the city.
  • The City Manager will provide another COVID-19 Crisis Update next Tuesday at 4:30 pm.
  • Councilor Ceglie brought up moving the City Council meetings back from being held in-person at City Hall back to Zoom. Cites that the public can better participate and hear council business via Zoom than when meetings are held in public. Council may vote on it at the next meeting on Tuesday.
  • On the State of Emergency in the City (set to expire today), City Manager defers to Council for guidance on how to move forward.

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