Photo Credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel |This work is licensed to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

With an increase in the amount of trash being generated by COVID-19 related regulations, the City of Newport is encouraging businesses and community groups to “Adopt A Barrel” and take advantage of one of the City’s longstanding trash and recycling initiatives.

Newport’s Adopt-a-Barrel program provides businesses with a free Victor Stanley metal trash barrel free of charge provided they maintain and empty the barrel on a regular basis.

Currently, the City has just two adopted trash receptacles placed at locations in the Downtown area, with several more available for immediate placement.

Unfortunately, during this era of COVID-19, the City says that it is finding that oftentimes individuals are choosing to simply leave their trash on or near trash cans, rather than dispose of their items properly. Over the last several weeks, City staff has been responding to litter left along the sidewalk and next to trash bins that are only halfway filled or in some cases virtually empty.

Jay S. shared the following photo of the trash cans in front of the Newport Armory on Sunday, July 26th

Earlier this summer, the City’s Public Services team deployed an additional 20 temporary barrels in different areas of the city in order to relieve some of the overflow challenges. However, the City says with the summer season approaching its peak, the City is asking local businesses to consider taking part in this important public-private partnership.

In order to participate, businesses must:

·         Have an established commercial account for waste disposal;

  • Complete an application with the Public Works Division;
  • Maintain the barrel to the level of which the barrel was delivered;
  • And provide and secure a sign to the barrel to promote the adopter of the barrel.

Applications are currently available on the City’s website at and barrels are available for immediate deployment.

In addition to working cooperatively with our business community, the City is also implementing the following actions in order to keep Newport clean and green:

·         Several BigBelly brand trash compactors at Queen Anne Square, the Armory and Lower Thames Street will be removed in favor of open-top Victor Stanley metal trash barrels supplemented by plastic toters

·         The new 90-gallon plastic containers will be modified by cutting holes in the tops of them to accept waste without keeping the lid to open.

·         And finally, increased staffing will be in place over the weekend beginning Saturdays at 7 a.m.

More information about the City’s trash and recycling programs can be found on the City’s website at