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The Newport City Council hosted their first virtual Regular Council Meeting on Wednesday, April 8th at 6:30 pm.

The meeting was open to the public by phone and Zoom. While the public was invited to attend/watch, there was no public comment.

All seven city councilors were present for the meeting, which lasted nearly two hours.

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What’s Up Newp has copied the official agenda and pasted it below. We’ve provided notes and updates below each item in italics.

Mayor Bova made the motion to table items #2, #4, and #5. It was seconded by Ceglie. The motion passed 6 -1 with Leonard voting nay.

Mayor Bova stated that there is a plan to host a workshop on #2, that #4 still requires RIDE approval.

1.Estimated FY2021 Budget Revenues

Budget RevenuesPaperclip icon

City Manager Nicholson said this is a “huge work in progress” during to the current challenges with COVID-19 and will continue to change. The following document was shared and discussed.

The budget revenue was received from City Council (vote 7-0).

2.School Bond Presentation

Bond PresentationPaperclip icon


3.Communication from City Solicitor, re:  Proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance-Float/Base/Map (Receive and refer to the Planning Board for a recommendation)

Zoning OrdinancePaperclip icon

This was received and referred to Planning Board for recommendation. Vote 7-0.


4.Memorializing the General Assembly to Enact Legislation Authorizing the City of Newport to Issue not to exceed $114,500,000 General Obligation bonds, notes and other evidences of indebtedness to finance all costs relating to the construction, renovation, improvement, alteration, repair, landscaping, furnishing and equipping of :  (I) an addition to the Claiborne Pell Elementary School, including but not limited to, classrooms and associated support space, site improvements and parking and (II) a new school facility for the William S. Rogers High School, provided that the authorization shall be reduced by the amount of certain grants received from State bond proceeds, from the Rhode Island Department of Education or from the Rhode Island School Building Authority

Bond ResolutionPaperclip icon


5.Covid-19 – Business Support System – K. Leonard

Business Support SystemPaperclip icon


6.Moratorium Extension

MoratoriumPaperclip icon

After discussion, Justin McLaughlin amended resolve to substitute “approves” to “calls on City Solicitor to draft an amendment”. Vote on amendment 5-2 (Ceglie and Napolitano nay).

Resolution as amended was voted 5-2 (Ceglie and Napolitano nay).


7.Amending Chapter 14.04.020 of the Codified Ordinances, entitled, “Moratorium” (First Reading)

The motion passed 4 – 3 on first reading (Ceglie, Leonard, Napolitano nay).


8.Action Item #5925/20 – RE:  FY2020 -Current Year Budget Reductions

5925/20Paperclip icon

The motion passed 7-0.

9.Action Item #5926/20 – RE: North End Urban Plan – Consultant Services – Contract with NBBJ

5926/20Paperclip icon

Amended to include that the contract can not exceed $20,000. The amendment was approved 7-0.

The motion as amended was approved 7-0.

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