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Words are powerful. Actions move mountains!

We live on an Island. That certainly doesn’t mean we are isolated or isolating. Star Kids Scholarship Program is one of many island non-profits impacting lives, changing expectations, moving good souls to better outcomes. There are many organizations on our island doing good deeds, hard work, and impacting so many folks in need.

Get involved! How do you do that?

There are over 227 Non-Profits (State of RI statistics) on our Island. Each of them has a particular and unique mission. All of them offer opportunities to join in their mission to change lives, alter direction, offer hope and help, and most importantly give us all an avenue to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Each of us needs to ask powerful and fundamental questions:

Who am I? How does this world work? How do I get from here to there? How do I fit into things? What am I going to make of my life? (Thank you Jim Bouton)

If there is no one present to answer those questions, what happens to those asked and unanswered pleas?

We should be responsive to need. We all can do much to lighten someone else’s lost hope and direction.

This is about capital. Sure, financial support is extremely helpful, just as important is human capital. Volunteering at The Boys & Girls Club, or the Seaman’s Institute, Newport Hospital, Potter League or any of the dedicated support organizations on our Island Community will not only change someone else’s life, it will change yours.

Think about this: Early intervention is half the cost of remediation and ten percent of the cost of incarceration. Bring your heart and your skills to an island helping organization.

Ken Moldow

President, Board of Directors: Star Kids Scholarship Program

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