opinion Newport Rhode Island

I would like to publically declare my support for a fine gentleman that I have known for 12 years, Senator Louis DiPalma.  Besides being on the side of questions with which I heartily concur such as strong public school systems as well as quality of life issues, I wish to remind people that five years ago, Aquidneck  Island was faced with a dire crisis. Top administrators under the former Governor Chaffee’s Office were proposing a ridiculous one-way $4.00 toll on the Seconnet River Bridge. It would have meant that a person living in Tiverton, RI, who wanted to eat a terrific breakfast at Reidy’s Restaurant in Portsmouth, would have been hit with an $8.00 fee on top of the cost of the food.  At meetings at the State House and at the Portsmouth Town Hall, I shared my outrage with these former governmental leaders who told me that all these fees were already decided for us. In typical Rhode Island political fashion, I was also informed by other politicians that these toll fostered upon the citizens of Aquidneck Island were a “done deal.” They proposed that the people could do nothing about this crisis.

Soon afterwards, Louis DiPalma eventually offered a compromise to the state officials that eventually ended these disastrous bridge toll proposals.  Many jumped for joy when the electric toll meter gantries were removed. I think that any Newport County problem that can arise, such as this now defunct unfair bridge toll system, should continue to be monitored and artfully dealt with by such elected officials such as Lou.  He is a fair-minded and forthright leader who can be trusted.

John J. Parrillo, Middletown