When local real estate agents Daniele Alsheimer and Jason Brown compare notes, they agree their Christian faith transforms their business goals and ethics.  This same sentiment was expressed by other attendees at the EFC North Business Networking Open House on April 26.

Early that Thursday evening, Alsheimer of William Raveis Real Estate and Brown of  Kavanaugh Grant Real Estate gathered with other Newport County businesses at the Portsmouth church to introduce themselves and share thoughts on the challenges and the blessings they face as Christian business owners.

“It was great to meet with folks who feel the same way that I do and feel their support.  We shared some basic thoughts on ways to improve and to grow our businesses,” said Trip Wolfskehl of Maritime Tribes. “Rick Ferris of New England C12 Group attended and he was very encouraging and enlightening regarding challenges of a Christian small business owner.”

“It seems that Christian business owners place a premium on trust, justice, diligence and generosity,” EFC North lead pastor, Paul Hoffman noted.  “That can difficult in today’s world. Having a local support team gives each of these business people additional strength and clarity.”

EFC North is a campus location of EFC Newport, a contemporary Christian Church located at 70 Bliss Mine Road, Middletown, RI. EFC’s mission is seeing lives changed by following Jesus, loving people, and reaching our world.