To the Editor:

During the course of this election I have had the opportunity and privilege to talk with thousands of concerned citizens who genuinely want government to work for them. Everyone wants to see their tax dollars working in the most efficient ways possible.  They want their elected officials to be both responsive and responsible. They want to see Rhode Island heading in the right direction.


When this senate seat became vacant I thought a lot about my connection and commitment to this community and what the vacancy meant for Jamestown and Newport. Unfortunately, we’re at a point in time when politics have become bitter and divisive with people feeling frustrated and disconnected from their government. As a woman who owns my own law practice and has been involved in local advocacy for years, I know we deserve better.


Throughout the past eight months, I’ve been heartened to see more people stepping up to get involved and make their voices heard on important public policy issues. Because of my background as a community organizer, I appreciate this renewed energy and engagement in our democracy. More than ever, we need to show up and be counted.


I’m committed to using my experience as a lawyer, grassroots organizer, and community volunteer to work hard for the residents of Jamestown and Newport. There are so many issues facing our community that will require forward-thinking and sustainable solutions: supporting our small businesses and working to create a year-round economy, ensuring all of our kids have access to a quality public education, supporting our older adults so they can age with dignity in our communities, protecting our environment and quality of life, and making sure that government puts people first. That is why I’m running for State Senate.


It would be the highest honor to serve you in the General Assembly. I promise to serve with honesty, fairness, integrity, accountability, and reliability. I hope I can count on your vote in the Special Election on August 22.


Dawn Euer

Democratic Senate Candidate, District 13, Jamestown/Newport

34 Bliss Road, Newport, RI 02840