The Annual Newport Kite Festival took place at Brenton Point State Park this weekend and by all accounts, it was a resounding success.

Ron Kitt, owner of Kitt Kites and organizer of the annual event, told us on Sunday that RIDEM, who runs the state park, expected more than 6,000 cars to visit the park for the Festival over the weekend.

In this video, we catch up with Ron Kitt and you’ll also see some of the kits and things that took place at Brent Point over the weekend.

History Of The Festival

The Newport Kite Festival is held on the Southern tip of Newport, at “Brenton Point State Park” the park was opened up to the public in 1976, and offers a spectacular commanding wide-open view, with the Atlantic to the South and the Mouth of Narragansett Bay to the West. Nearly surrounded by water, the grass fields of “the point” as the locals call it, has grown to be a friendly, well known premier spot to fly kites.

The Kite Festival has changed hands over many years, The American Kite fliers Association “AKA” held its annual convention on this field in 1986 with the help of the local kite fliers.

1992 until 2005 “High Flyers Flight Co” Sue Moskowitz and Steve Santos, organized what has become a rich solid tradition, presenting all phases of kiting to the general public, featuring kite competition in all forms, with featured flyers and kite makers from all over the world.

2006 came, with no official organization, it was a non-event, however, many kite flyers still visited on the 2nd week of July as tradition,

2007 came “Jamestown Kites” Kyle Lemieux organized a great gathering and 2008 it was again a non event, most of the general public was not aware it was not an official event with so many kites filling the sky with colorful fabric of all shapes and sizes.

In 2009 Kitt Kites, (owner Ron Kitt,)  took over the responsibility to again put on a show of all phases of kites and kite flyers at “The Point”, for the public, free of charge, with the need to restart a solid longstanding tradition.

Kite Clubs, “New York Kite Enthusiasts” (NYKE), “Connectikiters” and “Kites Over New England” (KONE) will be on hand to display their magical kites.

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