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October 17, 2018

Brick Alley Pub

Brick Alley Pub Nachos

In Celebration of 36th Birthday, Brick Alley Pub Will Serve Nacho Platters at 1980’s Price on 12/6

To celebrate their 36th Birthday, Brick Alley Pub will serve their world famous Nacho Platters  on December 6th at their 1980’s price of $3.95. “Mark your calendars for December 6, 2016, this year’s installment of International BAP Nacho Day To celebrate our birthday, we are rolling back our Nacho Platters prices to what they were

Brick Alley Pub

Brick Alley Pub

At Brick Alley Pub we have it all: “pub style” comfort food to modern multicultural cuisine all served with genuine down-home hospitality. Like America itself, Brick Alley is one big melting pot of ethnicities, flavors, and fun. If you are looking for stiff, over the top formal service with small portions of over-priced food, we

Brick Alley Pub

Brick Alley Pub Recognized by National Restaurant Association with “Restaurant Neighbor Award”

Photo by Peter Silvia of Brick Alley Pub Brick Alley Pub has announced that they have received the National Restaurant Association’s “Restaurant Neighbor Award” for community service in Rhode Island. Fifteen years ago, the National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation joined American Express to create the Restaurant Neighbor Award. The award promotes restaurants’ roles as cornerstones of their communities, and

craft beer newport, RI

Brick Alley Pub Will Host One of Their Popular Beer Dinners on December 3rd

Brick Alley Pub has announced they will host a Dogfish Head Beer Dinner on December 3rd starting at 6pm. Dogfish Head Brewery is a microbrewery based in Milton, Delaware that brews “off-centered ales for off-centered people” and often use non-standard ingredients, such as raisins, chicory, maple syrup, vanilla and grapes. They’re also known for brewing beers

Plumby’s Upstairs Burger Bar Now Open

Plumby’s Burger Bar, Brick Alley Pub’s Fast-Casual Burger Bar located on the second floor of Brick Alley Pub, opened on August 17th. The new concept on the second floor of the Brick Alley Pub offers a relaxed dining experience where customers can order food, craft beer, drinks and wine at the bar and seat themselves in