Frank Prosnitz brings several years in journalism, including 10 years as editor of Providence (RI) Business News and 14 years as a reporter and bureau manager at the Providence (RI) Journal, to the What'sUpNewp team. Prosnitz began his journalism career as a sports writer at the Asbury Park (NJ) Press, moving to The News Tribune (Woodbridge, NJ), before joining the Providence Journal. Prosnitz can be heard weekly hosting radio programs on WADK (Newport), WOON (Woonsocket), and WLBQ (Westerly).

President Trump has called the media the “Enemy of the American People,” while the media fights back, emphatically saying that it is “not the enemy.” President Trump and those around him in the White House refer to any negative news as “Fake News,” while being called out for false representation of certain situations or making up incidents.

Senators McCain and Graham, have stated that while we may become agitated at certain news coverage, our democracy was founded and thrives on a free press. Thomas Jefferson said if given a choice of government without newspapers or newspapers without government, he would choose newspapers without government. Or Constitution assures freedom of speech, press and assemblage.

So, we have a few questions.

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