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October 20, 2018

Newport Gulls 2018 Season Tickets and Summer Camp vouchers are now on sale

The Newport Gulls have announced that they have made 2018 Season Tickets and Summer Camp Vouchers available for sale in anticipation of the holiday season. The New England Collegiate Baseball League and the Newport Gulls Youth Summer Camp schedules have not been released but will be shortly after the New Year, according to the Newport Gulls.

Purchasers of 2018 Season Tickets or Summer Camp Vouchers will receive a voucher for the respective item. After official schedules have been released, purchasers physical Season Pass / Summer Camp Registration will be sent to voucher holder.

The Newport Gulls remind folks interested that Summer Camp vouchers are good for a one (1) week-long session and that multiple vouchers may be purchased. Purchasers will be contacted to schedule session(s) of attendance.

Season passes can be purchased for $50 and Summer Camp Vouchers for $90. Items can be purchased via Credit Card or Check. A request form can be found on the homepage of newportgulls.com.

Those interested in purchasing can also contact the Newport Gulls Front Office by calling 401-845-6832 or by e-mailing operations@newportgulls.com.

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